Transparency. Accountability. Participation. Credibility.

Through documented evidence and
user-friendly cloud platforms.

Transparency for Elvictor is the power of sharing knowledge, improving collaboration, achieving due diligence, and attaining operational excellence!

Being Pragmatic, Real and Honest.

Through reasoning, problem solving and active learning

Seeking the optimum equilibrium between the market trends and fashions and the Ship Manager's individual actual needs and focused requirements by offering logical, practical, measurable results and proofs of evidence.

Customer Centric. One Point of Contact. Extension to your Business.

We adapt the needs of our customers to a point where they can constantly redefine us

We try to proactively understand, conceive, concept, and develop "potential and unmet" future needs to our best judgment.

Change. Learning. Researching.

Through pioneering, open-mindedness, research and proper management

The only constant thing in business is change and innovation, which form the most modern sustainability metric.

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#We Think Differently & We Are Restless.

Historically the 1st Crew Management company to enter the Stock Market.

A Technologically Disruptive Crew Management Company

#We Bring New Ideas Into Life & We Love What We Do.

Our Vision is to provide shareholder opportunities to end-users of the group's services, focusing on constant innovation and competitive advantages.

We form an extension to your crew management department and not only. We are here to deliver the most sophisticated, value-adding, and prominent client solutions framework in this new maritime era.

With crew retention in LPGs, Chemical, Product and Oil Tankers, Bulker and Container Vessels of over ten nationalities exceeding 95% and promotion ratio of over 30%, with incidents less than 1%, and being sustainable for over four decades (since.1977), is a testimony to our proven personal and value servicing and our quality orientation.

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#Your Career Path starts here

Elvictor was the 1st Crew Management company globally that launched Intranet Accounts to its seafarers back in 2002! Since then, unique innovations and updates have resulted and are provided entirely free-of-charge to our seafarers' intranet.

We respect and invest in the human element which forms our best advertisement: our Seafarers

The job landscape due to the pandemic has changed. Elvictor's investment in cloud recruitment, teleworking, and e-sourcing has been proven to be the most proactive strategy. The best tool and a pragmatic solution for thousands of seafarers seeking a job in lockdown and isolated situations.

A seafarer may start with a simple online application. Throughout his recruitment process, he can fully interact with Elvictor's offices and officers without wasting time, money, travel, or effort to find a job.

We use meritocratic and artificial intelligence tools to match your skills, experience, and availability to the most compelling job offer. We think for you, we are proactive, and we aim to bring you the best seafarer recruitment experience!