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Qualship Georgia Maritime Training Center

The Qualship Georgia Maritime Training Center (QGMTC) is the preferred maritime and simulator training partner to the global shipping community by offering classroom and distance training.

Over the first years, Qualship Georgia Maritime Training Center (QGMTC) is recognized for excellence and innovation.

It is dedicated to the continuous support and development of competent seafarers. Ready to "walk the extra mile" and to offer top-notch quality training to shipping companies.

In this moving fast world, we offer solutions to keep pace with the changing environment and legislative developments we work within. Our long-life existence in the shipping industry gives us a unique insight into the maritime industry's challenges. We know the issues that matter today, and we can help predict those that will matter tomorrow. We use this knowledge to identify and quickly scale the technologies and ideas that will solve the problems that matter and move the industry forward.

The training facilities and equipment are state-of-the-art. Training is continually up-to-date, following current industry regulations, trends, and fashions of the maritime industry. The faculty is composed of exceptional instructors and the highest-ranking professionals.

We are Pragmatic and Reasonable

We understand the demanding environment of working at sea. That’s why we are built on our partnerships, we invest in our people, we implement state-of-the-art technologies, and we bring into life great ideas that help us achieve our vision.

Our partnerships are of the most recognizable and respected names in maritime learning. Together, we share our vision, and we are leading the center of excellence in marine training and competence.

Our people and our network of maritime experts, shipping companies, and thousands of seafarers are the collective knowledge and experience, allowing us to contribute to a safer industry and our seafarers to make their dreams true. Our faculty is committed to training and producing confident and well-rounded maritime professionals.

Our facilities, systems, and simulators in Georgia are operating as a world maritime training-hub, leading the seafarers worldwide, and not only Georgia, in excellence and innovation, and provide first-class simulator training and assessment programs. These facilities are supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced mariners who are all specialists in their subject areas. Members of our faculty team are a combination of active and former management-level officers and possess certifications as maritime instructors and assessors.

Course Preamble

Qualship Georgia Maritime Training Center (QGMTC) offers classroom and remote blended learning options. Online delivery provides a safer alternative and a cost-effective solution to Qualship Georgia Maritime Training Center (QGMTC) classroom training, fostering safety leadership across industrial practice areas.

Seafarers can now experience the benefits of learning from experienced instructors while working remotely and without travel restrictions.

Ship Operators can feel confident that their seafarers are committed to continuous learning and strengthening their skill sets and safety culture.