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Quality System

We develop and test Key Performance Indicators for our entire organization, not to judge or blame, but to have metrics to identify areas of concern and assess them quantitatively. We use KPIs to redefine our practices by determining areas for further improvement and innovation to guide every succeeding member of our organization, including our customers, through digitalized accurate, and time-saving procedures.

We upgrade our infrastructure continuously, giving particular attention to our in-house ERP and digital hardware, to provide our employees with a practical, functional, and less time-consuming environment to perform. Our industry is heavily regulated, which results in a vast amount of documentation handled by our system and must be disseminated to our clients accurately. The effective use of technological advances offers our organization the ability to exercise extensive quality control and compliance assurance.

We use specific quality and management tools to plan projects and improve our process decision methods. We use prioritization matrices and process decision charts to determine the importance of our future proposed actions and their possible adverse effects and disruptions. This process helps our organization meet our criteria and quality requirements, surpass our Client's expectations, and outperform the competition.

We believe in the Zero Defects performance standard when formulating new strategies and processes, but we are also pragmatic, and thus we understand that errors do occur; therefore, we embrace and learn from them. Using flow charts, check sheets, Pareto diagrams, and other quality tools enables us to record, sort, analyze and evaluate errors to log frequency of occurrence and seek their causes. In this way, we firmly believe that our organization gains authentic experience and knowledge.

We bolster productive brainstorming with well-defined criteria to help our Management evaluate and recognize the correct way forward. We introduce recent actions and implement solutions down the organization while studying the progress and outcome using new or existing KPIs to measure their success and productivity.