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Digital Integration

Our very perplexed operations propel our industry to demand professionals from various cultures, backgrounds, mindsets, and time zones.

ELVICTOR GROUP runs offices in more than eleven countries globally, within three continents. The quality and compliance control of such a volatile environment is proven to be exceptionally challenging. We have a significant weapon in our arsenal for our quest for quality control and compliance and is no other than our in-house developed ERP Software.

Our ERP is essentially administering our organization's entire operations. Towards our effort for Zero Defects, the Quality Department is indirect, daily communication with our IT Department, cooperating in such a way to continually evaluate current quality control and compliance methodologies and brainstorm ideas to enhance our digital techniques and incorporate mechanisms in the ERP.

In essence, we interconnect the data loaded in our ERP with every step of our management procedures, as appropriate. In this way, we create advanced, step-by-step techniques that are easy to follow and are guided by chain reactions. With Robotic Process Operations, our system is opening and digital, closing doors to our ERP users, allowing them to advance to the next step of the process or revert to correct their actions.

Our ERP has several interfaces created for the use and the needs of each interacting party. Our Main Office, our Regional Offices, our Clients, and our Seafarers have their unique Interface, where our system allows actions that are necessary to be carried out by each one.

A comprehensive map of the joined work between Quality and IT Departments and the interrelations created in our system is described in the following section.