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Crew Management Cloud Ecosystem

The Integration that any Ship Manager wished to possess!

SEATRIX bridges the systems of Elvictor with all Ship Managers, clients or potential clients of Elvictor, and at the same time offers a revolutionary product and a radical solution that seemed impossible until today in the maritime industry.

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SEATRIX S.A. was a creation of the strong demand of Elvictor's customers to come to cover the unique gap between the Ship Managers and the crew providers but also their connection with the whole range of crew recruitment complex operations, for smoother control and monitoring of the functions, procedures, and policies established by the Ship Manager's corporate ISM.

SEATRIX S.A. is the software house of ELVICTOR GROUP, specializing in developing custom cloud maritime applications.

In 2002, the current CEO of Elvictor Group Inc. and the current COO/CTO of Elvictor Group decided that the traditional recruitment process model will eventually fail due to the ever-increasing difficulties of the crewing sector. Therefore, a team of international programmers was created whose sole duty was to transform our group's operations digitally.

Our success inside our group operations and much encouragement from our actual clients led us to commercialize our crewing solution. The ever-growing demand has led to creating a new entity named SEATRIX in 2016 and its ecosystem solution to the maritime industry at the beginning of 2021. Also, avoiding conflict of interest and misinterpretation of our services, SEATRIX was the optimum solution and a door for further global cooperations that would embrace multi-dimensional cooperations with multi-structured maritime corporations.

Seatrix Builds The New Cloud Of Elvictor

Elvictor has signed with SEATRIX S.A. and an exclusive agreement to develop and enhance its new cloud ecosystem. The innovations of Elvictor will become Elvictor modules in this new cloud ecosystem with the I.P. rights belonging to Elvictor and forming a global competitive advantage based on the agenda of further innovations that will bring ultimate integration, interaction, and collaboration amongst all members.

Seatrix Ship Manager’s Optimum Crew Management Ecosystem

SEATRIX S.A. has developed a cloud crew management ecosystem, allowing any Ship Manager to integrate with all crew suppliers.

The environment is responsive; thus, the cloud system is accessible and adjustable from any electronic device. The cloud infrastructure provides “an-office-on-the-go” and mainly proved it in times such as the COVID-19 pandemic; it was the only tool for continuing without disrupting the recruitments and the collaboration amongst members.

The cloud ecosystem may be placed on the Ship Manager or SEATRIX’s premises or in any cloud provider datacenter.

The intranets through which all interactions, integrations, and collaboration happen are:

Ship Manager’s Head Office Intranet
Departmental Intranets
Vessel Intranet
Seafarers Intranet
Crew Supplier Intranet
Training Centers Intranet​
Medical Clinics Intranet​

Customization comes to all facets of the ecosystem, and all modules are parametric and provide the ease to adjust the solution to the Ship Manager’s Company and not the opposite.

Data migration is easy; integration with various APIs and vendors is also one of our daily tasks.

The Ship Managers that have their in-house crew manning company would achieve an imminent and easy digitalization reform, and the Ship Managers cooperating with numerous crew suppliers will “take a breath” and feel the change within a limited time.

The ecosystem is built for the massive volume of users, traffic, and multidimensional and multifunctional organizations. Thus enormous Ship Managers may find digital transformation straightforward with SEATRIX but also convenient.

Elvictor’s clients and even potential clients will see the difference with imminent integration with all networked offices of Elvictor and possessing the data without typing not even one data of the seafarer. Also, the collaboration with Elvictor’s cloud system within the overall architecture of SEATRIX’s cloud ecosystem allows more advantages and use of Elvictor’s Innovations at their hands.

#Listening to our Ship Managers by creating positive customer experiences

SEATRIX S.A. focuses on understanding Ship Managers' actual needs and fulfilling them up to the point of constant innovations generation and optimum clients' satisfaction. SEATRIX S.A. forms the digitalization arsenal to achieve this.

By continuously identifying and resolving Ship Managers' problems, we exercise eternal due diligence and quality procedures to tune up crew operations by injecting them into our intelligence cloud network to minimize human errors. The above is succeeded through digitalization facilities that morph the corporate structure for a seamless customer journey across all ship managers' business interaction and thus integration.

The potential Ship Manager that will use SEATRIX S.A. Solution will become a disruptive technological crew manager with an infrastructure that would help the company's management achieve measurable, efficient, and qualitative results.

Our Philosophy

Our customer-centric approach focuses on providing a positive customer experience. Loyalty and vital customer service are considered to improve our business growth and value.

Our 43 years of crew management / crewing experience and our digitalization journey of over 20 years give us the EXTRA advantage to act as a crew management consultant to our potential clients. This approach has defined us as a disruptive technological crew manager.

Our philosophy's core concept is not to produce data storages but to offer a "living digital ecosystem," which DNA is the Ship Manager’s Vision & Policy.

Our Team

Our software team consists of 15 professionals who are very aware of the shipping sector (ship management and crew experience) and have the following skills

Policy and effort to reduce greenhouse emissions

Our policy concerning greenhouse emissions is to run the server software on the latest low consumption servers. Our cloud solution is completely paperless and operates on a need to share basis, therefore the data traffic is minimized. Compliance statement for the GDPR built security features.

In order to have control over personal data and to be able to comply with GDPR regulations we have identified the following concerns:

Our Strategy

Database Concerns

Application concerns

Key Points

Competitive Advantages of SEATRIX