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Our Services

Utilizing modern-day technologies, Elvictor Group Inc. is developing, deploying, and converging disruptive technologies that can improve vessel and crew management performance.

Technologies that drive specific solutions that improve the efficient operation of vessels with cost-effective, timely, and reliable solutions. Solutions that meet applicable regulatory compliance and ensure that our clients achieve their goals and objectives in the highly competitive global ship management environment.


Elvictor's Crew Management service scheme is an out-of-the-box pragmatic solution in line with Elvictor's ethos towards customer-centric philosophy that allows an amalgamation of Elvictor's services to be either included or excluded.

Elvictor's Crew Manning Scheme redefines the manning service you have experienced. Cloud SaaS tools complement the recruitment, allow you to control and possess ad hoc documented evidence and information while direct access and integration with your seafarers accompanied with audit-ready cloud reporting.

Proactive, Interactive and Customized

Elvictor's Seafarer training is a service and an essential pillar for generating a skilled officers' pool and retaining high retention levels for our Ship Managers. Budgetary control is in equilibrium with quality control and assessment.

Paperless, Collaboration and Innovation-driven

The digitalization journey of Elvictor dates back to 2002. Elvictor succeeded in offering an ecosystem through secure and GDPR compliant intranets to both Ship Managers and Seafarers, achieving fundamental integration and interaction between them. Daily operations hassle and complexity of recruitment became unknown words to us. Transparency, proactiveness, and control are what we offer in every dimension of our recruitment process.

Thinking Out-of-the-Box
Respecting the industry

The Integration that any Ship Manager wished to possess!

Elvictor respecting the industry and identifying the actual needs of various Ship Managers, embraces SEATRIX new development of a Crew Management Cloud Platform that forms an innovation of SEATRIX to cover the needs of various Ship Managers that have various crew suppliers or their own manning offices.

SEATRIX bridges the systems of Elvictor with all Ship Managers, clients or potential clients of Elvictor, and at the same time offers a revolutionary product and a radical solution that seemed impossible until today in the maritime industry.