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Customer Centricity

Listening to our Customers by creating positive Customers’ experiences

Elvictor focuses on understanding Customers’ actual needs and fulfilling them up to the point of constant innovation generation and optimum Customer satisfaction.

By continuously identifying and resolving Customers’ problems, we exercise eternal due diligence procedures and quality procedures to tune up these procedures by injecting them into our intelligence cloud network to minimize human errors.

Digitalization facilities morph our corporate structure for a seamless customer journey across all business interaction channels and thus integration. We, therefore, form an extension of the Ship Manager’s corporation and adjust to each differing complex and demanding structure and policy.

Elvictor is not a crewing supplier but manages crewing suppliers and is more than a crew manager, namely a crew consultant, due to its disruptive technological infrastructure.

Elvictor simply is a technological disruptive crew consultant.

Elvictor’s business ethical approach, the focus on transparency through a digitalized arsenal of facilities and tools, the continuous injection of know-how of all parties involved in our ecosystem (Ship Manager-Elvictor-Crew Suppliers-Seafarers -Third Parties), and the amendment of procedures due to the rising trends and fashions of the maritime industry that brings amendments in the varying maritime regulations, build strong customer relationship and a long-term span.

How it started

Since 2001 there were significant hurdles to clear during the transition to a fully Ship Manager/Customer-centric-organization. Many employees needed to work towards a common goal, which silo mentality barriers had to be broken down at any cost, and achieved this.

We do not negotiate with silos

Elvictor does not negotiate or give chances to silo mentalities, the procedures are hierarchical and methodological, and change is the ultimate vision and goal. The management focus is justified, and there are no giveaways around the subject.

Ship Manager's centricity is a characteristic and feature of the entire Elvictor organization and requires all employees' participation.

What our Ship Managers experience today



Jointly developed the above, through collaboration with our Ship Managers through joint development of content and products.

We firmly believe that we are in the connected Ship Manager’s age!

Our Philosophy

The Service-centric approach philosophy

The service-centric approach philosophy is to focus on selling as many services as possible and expanding the clientele. Sales revenue, market share, and growth are considered the most critical indicators. The improvement of services and service expertise defines the company's competitive advantage. However, in Elvictor, we firmly believe that a more ethical service-centric approach is to provide the needed services and amalgamate the differing ones based on the required portfolio of services that each Ship Manager needs.

The Customer-centric approach philosophy

The customer-centric approach philosophy is to focus on providing a positive customer experience to drive profit. Customer acquisition, loyalty, and vital customer service are considered to improve business growth and value. However, in Elvictor, we do not focus on the number of clients but the quality of Ship Managers listed in our clientele. To perform, we focus on the client and the potentiality and sustainability of our cooperation.

The focus is on the Ship Manager, and thus the ability to build and nurture Ship Managers' relationships defines the Elvictor's competitive advantage.

These two philosophies Elvictor uses with primary the Ship Manager’s-centric and as a Continuum the service-centric philosophy.

The Ship Manager’s centric continuum is achieved clearly through the digitalization DNA of Elvictor

How we apply it

Our sphere of experience showed us, Ship Managers, using our digital ecosystem, needed dashboards, and user-friendly infographics featuring their best customer experience.

95% of our Ship Managers use our digitalized ecosystem, and we have total integration and interaction, eliminating even electronic-bureaucracy (emails). Parallel many of our Ship Managers have embedded into their ISM Policies and Procedures some of Elvictor's best practices and digitalization procedures that allow our customers more paperless documented evidence instead of manual and paper-controlled documents.

The cloud environment is accessible and reactive to various modern digital means (mobile, tablet, etc.), increasing the performance ratio of all succeeding levels of the Ship Manager's organization.

Finally, the intercommunication and collaboration tools provided and in line with the interactive and integrated tools provided accelerates the operational efficiency and accuracy for all parties -if needed- or specific parties (Ship Manager's Crew Department officials, seafarers, branch operators) to be informed and interact live.

Operational efficiency through collaboration

Ship Managers’ Needs

Ship manager needs
Ship manager needs mobile

How Ship Managers want to feel

Going deep into each Ship Manager's needs, the customer wants to feel security. The Ship Manager aims his/her job/tasks to be effective and error-free to feel secure. Thus, the customer wants the procedures to be followed without any potential risk of errors, being risk-averse most of the time, not deteriorating efficiency and compliance with the Ship Management Company's ISM Policy. For this reason, the customer wants to feel "supported" by Elvictor and that the "value" is adjacent, transparent, and documented.

The value is adjacent, transparent and documented

The Solution

Elvictor's cloud ecosystem assists for all the above and "removes that hassle" from every connected party, either the Ship Manager or the crew supplier, or the seafarer, by providing seamless integration and interaction. Simultaneously, procedures are measurable, digitalized structured, and thus the system guides the end-user to perform any task that may be a collaborative task.

Seamless integration and interaction

Understanding your client’s job description and responsibilities

What Ship Managers really need

Possessing Elvictor's digitalized arsenal of tools and procedures are morphed after the customer's organizational structure, the Ship Manager needs Elvictor to "understand the user." Understanding the job description and responsibilities that the Ship Manager's personnel has and should attain, how to report, how Elvictor should function and operate, the collaboration's morphing comes to maturity. These determinants and details of our customer's personnel are communicated daily. Since the inception of the cooperation, and Elvictor morphs its internal digitalization procedures for this specific user (Ship Manager's subordinate) to accelerate our collaboration and tune this user's efficiency. Daily online collaboration, familiarization, teaching, and constant visits to the customer's premises or teleconferencing means daily and ongoing tasks for Elvictor.

How Elvictor treats its Ship Managers

Business Ethics

User Friendliness experience and To-The-Point

What Elvictor Services Provide

The digitalization aspect, the innovations we have developed, and the artificial intelligence shedding to the machine learning and deep learning APIs we use.

Our service is and should always be reliable. To achieve it, we have applied varying technologies and AI tools to do repeated processes, data entries, validity, and authentication procedures and, in general, tiresome and bureaucratic from the user’s point of view. Thus, we automate these because the probability of human errors in the tasks mentioned earlier is skyrocketing and not reliable, especially in times of condensed workload and emergency recruitments.

We have eliminated: paper, bureaucracy, and human-intensive data entry tasks to achieve optimum reliability and minimum human errors. At the same time, we do continuous research and development, testing new technologies that may enhance our digitalized arsenal to increase our company’s servicing value.

Last but not least, we seek “user-friendly” and more “to-the-point” solutions that can be used from IT-literate up to IT-illiterate users, respecting the background and talent of each user.

What Ship Managers really need

We believe that the Ship Managers’ experience is the heart and the core of customer-centricity. To evaluate ourselves, we measure the following:

Appraising ourselves and working on exceeding our own expectations

Elvictorʼs Mindset and the Key

All the above "internal audits" and mapping of the strategies with our results allow us to have solid know-how of where we stand in our journey, the areas for improvement, and what we have learned.

Elvictor strives to think-out-of-the-box and thinks of innovative solutions and even restructuring solutions that would continuously shift service value.

We do not conclude only from the feedback we get from our Ship Managers, but we are very strict when we do judge ourselves and put targets and goals that we should achieve. That is why we have formed many internal KPIs to measure our efficiency, our service value and screen the allocation of our resources compared to the past.

Our customer-centricity goes beyond checklists, appraisals, and feedback. We recognize that Ship Manager's value is not equal to profit, which is why we are too competitive in pricing and our technological DNA's help. We are defenders of transparency and quality. We believe that our Ship Managers primarily act as brand ambassadors and brand defenders, a portrait of our organic growth.

Pandemic pre and post-era, new upcoming regulations, continuous increase of the technological innovations, the new job landscape, and the upskilling needed will bring potential customers to Elvictor by identifying, sharing, and targeting our mindset.

Digitalization discussion started in shipping in 2017 after the awkward year of 2016, whereas Elvictor entered the digitalization journey in 2001!

The customer's centricity key is that the Ship Managers' needs are placed and positioned by Elvictor at the beginning of the value chain. Our focus on each Ship Manager separately enhances our collaboration with the help of our digitalization arsenal.

We have set the technological disruptive cloud collaboration mindset through pragmatic situations, scenarios and applications.