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Working for Elvictor Group

Our firm belief that ever volatile and dynamic Shipping Industry is just and meritocratic in its nature, allowing those that respect and understand its ever-complex machinations to continue to exist, grow and prosper. Building on that, we constantly strive to improve ourselves and our modus operandi, always adhering to new needs, wants, legislations and standards as they present themselves.

A major reality of the world around us is the paradox: “The only constant thing is change.”

Having recognized the importance of the above parable early on, we have built our mindset around flexibility and adaptability to change. We are more than willing to learn from our mistakes and other players that might be doing things better than us, but most importantly, we like to brainstorm our way to new solutions. A wonderful tool that has helped us be true to the last point made is the dramatic rise and progress of the Information Technology sector that kickstarted the 4th Industrial Revolution, changing our world and Shipping in the process.

However, this revolution, which we started taking advantage of in 2001, has provided us with various tools and tool-building apparatuses. Through the process of Digitalization, the apparatus has allowed us to take the grand complexity of our niche and our sector and distill it into simple and user-friendly tools. Our Principals and Seafarers can attest to their usefulness and the scale of facilitation they have provided them with in terms of operational efficiency and work-hours avoided.

But we are not alone in this sector, and as people depend on us, we depend on them as well. We are all indispensable parts of the same ecosystem. “Coniuctis Viribus” is a favorite Latin phrase of ours, which translates to “With united powers.” Our adherence to this phrase betrays our willingness to work in tandem with other industry players to create long-term, bilateral, mutually beneficial business and even personal relationships and move forward united, as there is strength in unity and synergy.


Elvictor Group started as a family company and, as such, is based on family values. As Elvictor has grown throughout the decades, it has retained those values and done its best to implement and spread them in the community we have created, in addition to proper business practice values.

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Our primary values are found in our motto, but they are not the only ones.

Others that express us and our business practice are the following:

The above 17 values, along with the 5 mentioned in our motto, form the core of our character as a business, but also as individuals and this is what we look out for when we are employing new personnel or forging new business relations.