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Network of Offices

We have built an international network throughout the years, from where we source seafarers of varying nationalities, specialties, and ranks due to their institutional context, and prevailing culture can nurture dedicated seafarers. As such, we have an established and reliable presence in traditional seafarers’ supply countries. However, that doesn’t stop us from seeking opportunities for exploring new destinations that are ripe with capable seafarers or have the potential to become one.

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Our Strategy of geographical expansion is informed by a basic principle:

We choose locations where the institutional context and the prevailing culture can nurture dedicated seafarers. This means that on the one hand, we have an established and solid presence in traditional seafarers’ supply countries and on the other hand, we seek opportunities for jointly exploring new ‘destinations’ in compliance with Principals’ wishes.

In a nutshell, we strive to cultivate and open up new unprecedented opportunities in ‘uncharted’ territories along with our core presence in established markets.

Our Companies

Elvictor Group started as a family company and, as such, is based on family values. As Elvictor has grown throughout the decades, it has retained those values and done its best to implement and spread them in the community we have created, in addition to proper business practice values.

Is a Nevada Corporation, based in Manhattan, New York.

Is the main subsidiary of Elvictor Group that deals with the Groups core operations such as Crew Management, Manning and Training.

Elvictor's network of local manning offices:

We are able to offer competitive fees for these nationalities as well as competitive wages. For more information contact us at