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Working for Elvictor Group

On the 1st of September 1977, Stavros C. Galanakis created a novel type of startup in the Shipping Sector, the first Crew Management Company, Elvictor. He was given two vessels for Ship Management and saw that number increasing exponentially while providing other clients with Crew Management and providing Greek Seafarers at the time with a more efficient way of finding jobs in both Greek and Foreign Shipping Companies.

Since 1977

The number of nationalities of Seafarers grew as well, encompassing South Koreans, Filipinos, and Ukrainians in the following decades as major national presences in vessel crews and other minor presences through affiliate offices. Our branches exist in the Philippines, Ukraine, and Georgia, provided the large influx of Seafarers we have there and several affiliates in a dozen other countries, finding work for thousands of Seafarers worldwide at any given time.

Although Elvictor Group has dealt with Ship Management, Ship Agency, and other facets of the Shipping Industry, given the crises of the previous decades and the source of our pride, we focused on excelling in Crew Management and pioneering Technological Innovations, revolutionizing our line of work.

Group track record

It is our firm belief that ever volatile and dynamic Shipping Industry is just and meritocratic in its nature, allowing those that respect and understand its ever complex machinations to continue to exist, grow and prosper.

ELVICTOR has been recognized throughout the decades and has received a number of honours.

Quality lies at the core of our operational performance without being a motto of no practical meaning. It is measurable (through Key Performance Indicators), can be easily proven (through accreditations of relevant bodies and awards), and is the facilitating factor behind our company's decades-long track record.

We are proud to have talented leaders who are committed to high standards of integrity and accountability.

We have built an international network throughout the years, from where we source seafarers of varying nationalities, specialties, and ranks due to their institutional context, and prevailing culture can nurture dedicated seafarers.

ELVICTOR GROUP, during its 44-year history, has traditionally paid attention immensely to the quality and development of its services rendered to both Clients and Seafarers. Towards this path and taking advantage of new technologies available, we initiated our ERP Software's story more than two decades ago to digitize our Management System and make processes more controllable and effective.