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Looking after the wellbeing of your crew has never been more important. Sailors’ Society’s pioneering Wellness at Sea programme provides the tools to help crews – and their companies – to thrive.

Wellness at Sea Campaign Cycle 4: Week 10 - 12

Building and maintaining relationships on board, in port, in the office and back home.

Wellness at Sea Podcast Episode 04:

Cycle 4: Week 10 - 12

Social Wellness

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In Cycle 4 of the Awareness Campaign, we’ll be focusing on social wellness - how we interact with others. It includes the pursuit of harmony in your family, community and work environment. It is about understanding your own attitude, perceptions and frame of reference when dealing with others.

Sailors’ Society is very grateful to Elvictor for highlighting our work and helping to raise awareness of the welfare and wellbeing needs of seafarers, the key workers of the sea.

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