Crew Manager's Digitalized Operations


The sourcing stage is energized by either interaction of the Crew Manager of the Ship Manager or by forecasted, and the expected contract ends of onboard seafarers. The last trigger procedures that open current and future requests line with the potential readiness and availability of ex-crew members. This stage is dynamic and driven by the users' decision-making (Elvictor Group Network offices, Ship Managers, Seafarers Updates).

Open a Request for new crew

In this stage, the Ship Manager’s Crew Manager wants Elvictor’s offices’ network to find a new crew for a specific rank for a specific vessel. The crew manager is simply clicking online on a request button on the specific vessel the crew manager desires, providing the position list’s dates and ports.

Parties informed

The respected branch office(s) of Elvictor is informed

The Operations Center of Elvictor

The Ship Manager's Crew Manager

Potential candidates are informed

Sourcing Automated Procedure

Openings are automatically opened in the job sites Elvictor has integrated with, populating candidates into Elvictor's cloud database.

Checks last three days candidates applied in the branch offices

Post the request with a coded link to the social media of Elvictor's network

Pre-Screening of Candidates Automated Procedure

Indexes the last candidates based on their availability dates, experience matching to this specific Ship Manager's Policy and requirements, including and not limited to: officer matrix, skills requirements, vetting experience, and cargo experience

Invites automatically through a coded link these candidates to review the position and confirm if they want to be proposed for this specific opening.


It brings the most competent candidates who have recently applied or have updated their availability dates and match a large percentage with the Ship Manager’s Requirements and fit the vessel-specific requirements.

Logistics are made with speed and accuracy, allowing Elvictor to have “travel-ready” replacements no matter the nationality.

Requirements for embarking the crew if the candidates are accepted are provided through the system as guidance to Elvictor, proactively expecting the logistics that should follow and the needed timing.

Cancel a Request for new crew

In this stage, the Ship Manager's Crew Manager may, for any reason to cancel the request, due to any reason.

The Crew Manager can cancel the request through his SaaS Cloud Platform with ease and only state one of the predetermined reasons for canceling. In any case, no email exchange is needed.

Postpone a Request for New crew

In this stage, the Ship Manager's Crew Manager may, for any reason to postpone the request due to any reason. Tools are provided to change the date and the port or place reminder for future action. In any case, no email exchange is needed.


Imminent notification of all parties involved

No email exchanges hassle

Data security and privacy

Unbiased and security operations

Documented evidence

Procedures automated

Bias Mitigation

Resume parsing

Overcome talent shortages

Candidate nurturing

Recruitment goals

Information acquisition

Pre-screening of available candidates meeting Ship Manager's detailed and extensive requirements

Dynamic candidates pool that is confirmed available and travel-ready

End-to-end candidate experience management



The "sourcing" digitalization procedure's philosophy is to continuously energize the candidate applicants' pool, both ex-crew and new crew. Identify the "active" and "travel-ready" candidates and index the top-compliant candidates that satisfy Elvictor's recruitment criteria.

The starting point of a proactive approach to a cognitive dissonance of data is to develop a data pool through integration with APIs and data banks and convert this data into measurable (qualitative and quantitative) and assessed. The complexity of the amalgamation of the differing data, the influx volume, and the speed of populated applications cannot be manipulated or controlled by a human brain. That is why this automated procedure acts as a frisson of excitement for our proactive approach for sourcing and identifying new talented seafarers. The status of the "active" and "travel-ready" candidates, even a crew manager, is philodox, has hypermnesia, know-how, and is gifted is challenging to control and absorb the plurality of information.


Through structured data and organized information, Elvictor's ecosystem proactively communicates the requests for specific positions, specific vessel types, and specific Ship Manager's Requirements through its integration with particular job sites, social media, email, and SMS direct communication.

Essential elements to measure proactively are the readiness and availability of the potential crew to be screened to choose the ones to be proposed, the candidates' skillset, the experience matrix to be generated, the validity and authenticity of their certificates and travel documents. One of the essential proactive operations that result is the "Catharsis of Candidates incoming pool". Elimination of human involvement and bias is also a vital element. Last but not least, proactive, accurate compliance measurement.

Parametric Customization

The communicated information to potential candidates is automated. It is generated through highly customized parameters per vessel per nationality per rank and additional specialized details and requirements that portray the Ship Manager's Specific Requirements.

Best Practice

The sourcing procedure is both automated and also human interacted. The automatic method of sourcing and finding seafarers is dependent on the automated proactive criteria. These criteria result from forecasted contract ends, digitalized notifications or expiring documentation or certification of onboard crew members, ILO MLC constraints concerning contract duration principles, or vetting requirements compliant system notifications. The manual method of sourcing seafarers is also completed through the intranets integration and thus the SaaS System, and then the sourcing is energized and alternate the proactive procedure.

This procedure allows not to wait for any Ship Manager to request last-minute changes; it also works as a proactive tool; it assists in scheduling future crew changes and is communicated with the Ship Manager online and through email. Future promotions, recruitments, and allocation of human resources are made easy. Simultaneously, ex-crew members have been informed through their intranets, SMS, Social Media inboxes, and emails about their current recruitment and their future recruitment or promotion that is already scheduled and confirmed. Closing, there is no need to remember in the future to place requests for scheduled recruitments or promotions from any related party.

Paperless Operations

The sourcing procedure is a paperless multifacet and multidimensional operation based on varying scenarios. Specific system notifications, dynamic dashboards, and KPIs are the decision-making tools that assist the digitalized processes.

Documented Evidence

Elvictor's ecosystem monitors the forecasted available placements; thus, potential future requests and the actual current and last-minute requests. There is a detailed log in Elvictor's ecosystem per Ship Manager, per Vessel, per Nationality, per Rank, per Request, and Port. There is more complementary information that forms the log files as proven documented evidence.

Electronic Checklists

Specific electronic checklists are developed in our database to monitor various statuses of the digitalized sourcing process's overall compliance. This evidence our control in every single request for recruitment and allows us at the same time to monitor the stage's status of the sourcing procedure.

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