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Office Personnel

Elvictor Group is a growth company and is the first company historically to be listed. Our strategy and expansion have as a driver the human factor in line with our continuous technological evolution.

Therefore, we look for skilled and knowledgeable individuals to reinforce our ranks. However, this does not exclude us from looking for individuals with an appetite for professional growth.

When it comes to working, we leave personal bias aside and, in our best judgment, reward our employees through merit alone.

We build a career path for every individual, and our success is the generation of professionals and their upskilling.

By being listed, we provide more incentives and motives to our people because we want them to feel like owning a piece of Elvictor instead of working for Elvictor. Our professionals form our best advertisement and bring value to our business.

To apply to Elvictor Group, Inc. send your updated resume to: