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We believe in the untapped potential that every successive generation carries with it. Thus, we are actively seeking or passionate young individuals who wish to begin their Shipping Industry journey.

Our goal is to help the younger generations secure a relatively easy passage into the sector and, if they show the potential we are looking for and espouse our philosophy, values, and vision, to help them harness it through their complete assimilation into our Group.

We give you a pass on the maritime industry.

Many of our past interns have succeeded in developing their skillset and forming today's professionals in our offices.

In cases that the seats in Elvictor are limited, an intern has a pass to the maritime industry, simply because Elvictor's management communicates with Elvictor's clientele and other ship management and marine businesses, to absorb the trained interns.

To take your practice and internship to Elvictor Group, Inc., please email