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Sea Personnel

The life of the Seafarer is one of the most challenging professions in the world. It requires perfect will, skill, and sacrifice to pursue a career at sea successfully. We respect the ethos of all those that choose this path, and, as such, we want to make sure they prosper.

How to Apply

In case you do not find an open position on the dynamic table provided because there are also disclosed positions, you may click below one of the options provided to apply online without the hassle.

The applications that are "complete application" and not "quick applications", due to their volume of data and supported documents, are processed through intelligent algorithms, giving a proprietary role to matching disclosed positions. For this reason, the seafarers that spend time to complete their application are also informed of disclosed available placements, better matching to various ship placements is done, and higher possibilities to embark faster.

Quick Application

This application is for you to apply fast in our group.

The advantage is that if your basic information and CV are screened, we will notify you of the complete application either online or by visiting our branches. In case your CV does not pass our screening, you will not waste time completing the application; thus, you will not lose time and effort without any hassle.

The limitation: Is that you will not be ranked on top, as it happens to the complete application.

Complete Application

Our intelligent APIs (Application Programming Interface) of Machine and Deep learning will assist you better in your application, avoiding typing and filling up too much data.

Thus, there is no discrimination based on your skills, the system is notifying our Senior Personnel imminently and Management Level about your application, thus not only locally but also in the Operations Center in Greece.

The advantages are various.