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Working for Elvictor Group

Elvictor Group’s main function throughout the decades has been dealing with the human factor throughout the Shipping Industry. We care about our own and want both office and sea personnel to feel like they belong and are an integral part of our Group.

The key characteristics we look at when hiring are betrayed in our motto: "GROUP".

Our international presence in various countries has allowed for the formation of strong professional bonds between our offices and our employees, no matter their background. It is this sense of community that we value and want propagated in every new member that becomes a part of our Group.

The life of the Seafarer is one of the most challenging professions in the world. It requires great will, skill and sacrifice to successfully pursue a career at sea. We respect the ethos of all those that choose this path and, as such, we want to make sure they prosper.

When setting off for a career at sea, many a situation can prove intimidating. No university, academy or training centre can prepare you for the reality of any situation that you might find yourself in. Modern cadets are joining the Shipping Industry in a rather pivotal time, where technology reinforces its roots on both the Vessel and the Seafarer.

Elvictor Group is currently a growth company. Therefore, it is imperative that we look for skilled and knowledgeable individuals to reinforce our ranks. However, this does not exclude us from looking for individuals with an appetite for professional growth. When it comes to work, we leave personal bias aside and, in our best judgement, reward our employees through merit alone.

We believe in the untapped potential that every successive generation carries with it. Thus, we are actively seeking for passionate young individuals that wish to begin their journey in the Shipping Industry.