Safety4Sea Virtual Forum – Panel 3 – October 19th | 13:00 GMT / 16:00 ATH / 21:00 SGT

The 2021 SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum is scheduled as a 3-day event from Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st of October!

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This is an event aiming at a target group of Technical, Safety, Operations & Marine departments of Ship Operators and other industry stakeholders. Elvictor Group is happy to be one of the Lead Sponsors of this event, and we welcome you to join!

You may register here:

Panel #3 – Crew Change/Vaccination

13:00 GMT / 16:00 ATH / 21:00 SGT

200,000 seafarers are affected by restrictions which do not allow them from leaving their ships. According to the latest GMF data, the crisis is only getting worse, as the number of seafarers working over their contracts has grown from 5.8% in May 2021 to 7.4% in June. Given the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and rapid testing what should be further done to develop a range of practical solutions to resolve the ongoing crew change crisis?

Where do we stand with crew change figures and vaccination status?

What are the key challenges for ship operations with regards to crew vaccination?

How effectively have ship operations resumed back to normal with crew vaccination? What are the best practices and where do problems still exist?

What should be industry’s actions from now on to resolve crew change crisis?

How would you assess industry stakeholders’ response on crew change crisis until today? What’s is next?

  • Mr. Konstantinos Galanakis, Elvictor Group, CEO
  • Mr. Michael Hughes, Standard Club, Claims Executive
  • Mr. Arnold Javier, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, President
  • Mrs. Katie Lea, V.Group, Senior Crew Management Partner
  • Mr. John Panorios, Latsco Marine Management Inc, Deputy COO
  • Mr. Christos Sialakoumas, Dorian LPG Management Corp., Crew Manager


  • (PPT) Covid Impact: 14:00 GMT/17:00 ATH/ 22:00 SGT
    Mr. Konstantinos Galanakis, Elvictor Group, CEO
  • (PPT) The Airline Effect: 14:15 GMT/ 17:15 ATH/ 22:15 SGT
    Mr. Ross Millar, Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited, Loss Prevention Associate

Who Should Attend?

This is a must attend event for all companies and individuals interested in Ship Technology and Sustainable Shipping, including:

• Ship owners
• Ship Manager Company Staff (Technical, Marine, Operations, Safety & Quality)
• Maritime professionals
• Regulatory & government authorities
• Flag state representatives
• Classification societies representatives
• Marine Insurers & P&I Executives
• Experts on information technologies (IT) onboard
• Other relevant with smart technologies Industry Organizations/ Executives/ Experts


General Information

  1. Who can I contact for more information on the event?
    Please contact the organizers directly at e-mail:
  2. Registration
  3. How do I register?
    To register you should fill in the online registration form and follow the instructions contained in the Registration Form.
  4. Is the event free to attend for the delegates?
    Attendance to the event is FREE subject to online registration. In case you are interested, please complete the online registration form and confirm with the organizers.
  5. What happens if I am unable to attend despite being registered?
    Appreciate if you could inform the organizers by e-mail as soon as possible before the event.
  6. After the event
  7. How may I evaluate and comment on the event?
    You may comment with the organizers at any time, during or after the event. Furthermore an event evaluation form will be available online after the event to complete anonymously any comments you may have.
  8. How can I order Speaker Presentations, Conference DVD or Certificates of Attendance?
    Speaker Presentations and Certificates of attendance will be available through the organizers after the event, at no additional cost, ONLY to SAFETY4SEA subscribers. Conference DVD may be available at additional cost to those interested.
  9. Please contact the organizers directly at e-mail:

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