Elvictor Group Master Degree Offered

Elvictor Group managed to secure an exclusive agreement with Business College of Athens to Offer Master's Degree in Shipping Management.

ELVICTOR GROUP is well-known in Georgia as the first Crew Management company concerning the volume of the seafarers and cadets employed, and has managed to secure an exclusive agreement with the BCA – Business College of Athens, to offer:

  • Master’s Degree in Shipping Management, and
  • Advanced Maritime Certificates.

The BCA is the oldest Maritime College in Greece (1971) and the first academic institution to have developed educational curricula in Shipping Management by offering distance learning Master’s degree in Shipping and 12 professional certificates targeting seafarers and Maritime executives around the globe. (www.shipping.education )

The Master’s degree is awarded by the University of West London and BCA College. The Western London University is a premier maritime training provider and a highly respected brand name in the UK’s shipping sector. (https://www.uwl.ac.uk/international/uwl-overseas#Greece)

ELVICTOR GROUP continues to support Georgian seafarers and their families’ members in these challenging days we are facing by subsidizing the Master’s Degree initial investment required, along with a convenient monthly installment plan.

The Advanced Maritime Certificates are awarded by the IMarEST- Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology, and BCA College. The IMarEST is the first Institute to bring together marine engineers, scientists, and technologists into one international multi-disciplinary professional body. It is the largest marine organization of its kind, with a worldwide membership of over 18,000 individuals based in over 120 countries. (www.imarest.org)

ELVICTOR GROUP will also subsidize the student’s initial investment required, for the following Advanced Maritime Certificates, along with a convenient monthly installment plan:

  • Certificate in Human Resources and Crew Management
  • Certificate in Marine Insurance
  • Certificate in Commercial Shipping Management
  • Certificate in Carriage of Goods by Sea
  • Certificate in Dry Bulk Operations
  • Certificate in Chartering
  • Certificate in Shipping Law
  • Certificate in Maritime Technology
  • Certificate in Shipping Finance

ELVICTOR GROUP contributes to these educational programs, which will be the platform of promotion and bonding with Georgian seafarers, increasing the recruiting pool, enhancing awareness, and building a strong reputation. Both programs will advance Georgian seafarers’ leadership and managerial skills, making them invaluable to their Shipping companies.

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