Elvictor Group has been awarded its 2nd RME Gold Award by EBEN

EBEN has awarded Elvictor its 3rd RME Award, and second consecutive Gold Award for 2021, with Silver being the first since it joined this vast network in 2019.

Eben gold award 2

The European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) uses the Responsible Management Excellence (RME) Awards to signify that it has successfully audited a company that has showed an ethical approach to its professional working model in many respects, from the treatment of employees to the environmental footprint and social responsibility.

Eben gold award

The Gold Award translates into Elvictor Group being an ideal employer and service provider to work with. It stands as testament to our working ethos and our willingness to improve ourselves and the lives of those we touch. We always strive to make the lives of those working for us, with us and because of us as facile as possible.

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