Elvictor Group Celebrates 44th Anniversary

Elvictor Group turns 44 years old today. Another year has been added to the tally of years of Elvictor Group’s Operations. It has been a challenging one, taking into account the whole underlying climate of the world since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Shipping has faced challenges, especially the human resource sector, as seafarers are not yet recognized as the essential workers they are and their transport has been impeded to an unprecedented level. But normality is slowly presenting itself in the horizon. Charters have picked up, mimicking the initial trends of the Golden Age of the period 2003-2008, and we, at Elvictor Group, are as optimistic as we are realistic. We have come out of the consecutive crises of the past couple of decades wiser, stronger and ready to evolve further. A New Age is dawning, and following the light of that Sun, we leave the old reality behind.


To all our Principals, Employees and Seafarers, we would like to thank you for your trust and dedication in the most sincere manner. To our Investors, we would like to extend the same appreciation for your trust, and on that note, we would ask you to prepare to be pleasantly surprised. The following years hold great promise for the future of Elvictor Group, its vision and the realization of its future plans, both short and long term. As such, in a celebratory manner, we would like to wish everyone in the Shipping Sector fair winds and following seas.

With great respect and sincerity,
Elvictor Group’s Top Management

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