COVID IMPACT. Measures and Strategies of Proactivity, Sustainability, and Response while operating in uncharted waters.

Elvictor has been one of the Lead Sponsors of #2021SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum, which initiative from the management of SAFETY4SEA proves its dedication and social responsibility in our maritime industry. For this reason, Elvictor always supports such initiatives and optimum orchestrated forums of great professionals from all fields of our beloved maritime sector!


Elvictor has been one of the Lead Sponsors of #2021SAFETY4SEA Virtual Forum, which initiative from the management of SAFETY4SEA proves its dedication and social responsibility in our maritime industry. For this reason, Elvictor always supports such initiatives and optimum orchestrated forums of great professionals from all fields of our beloved maritime sector!

This virtual forum was a three-day event from Tuesday 21st of October, and the target groups of our industry were mainly Technical, Safety, Operation, Marine, and Crew departments.

Forty Speakers dedicated their valuable time to present in eight panels, and various panelists demonstrated eleven presentations on multiple aspects of high importance in our maritime world.
The panels and panelists may be found here:

For the forum presentations, you may click on the following links:

The Panel that our CEO Konstantinos S Galanakis presented is the following:

Panel #3 – Crew Change/Vaccination

200,000 seafarers are affected by restrictions which do not allow them from leaving their ships. According to the latest GMF data, the crisis is only getting worse, as the number of seafarers working over their contracts has grown from 5.8% in May 2021 to 7.4% in June. Given the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and rapid testing what should be further done to develop a range of practical solutions to resolve the ongoing crew change crisis?

  • Where do we stand with crew change figures and vaccination status?
  • What are the key challenges for ship operations with regards to crew vaccination?
  • How effectively have ship operations resumed back to normal with crew vaccination? What are the best practices and where do problems still exist?
  • What  should be industry’s actions from now on to resolve crew change crisis?
  • How would you assess industry stakeholders’ response on crew change crisis until today? What’s is next?

Speakers and Panel


The CEO’s social media post in LinkedIn:

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We provide herewith a more detailed analysis of our CEO’s presentation for your reference. We also attach the exhibit for the visitors that aim to download it and save it to their files.

COVID-IMPACT Presentation:

COVID IMPACT - Measures and Strategies of Proactivity, Sustainability, and Response while operating in uncharted waters.

Covid impact featured

In the session of COVID IMPACT, I focus on The Measures & Strategies of Proactivity, Sustainability, and Response while operating in uncharted waters.


In the first slide, we identify the New Era Changing Environment & Abilities Diligence.

This title represents the ability of companies’ daily operations to:

  1. Continue undisrupted
  2. Develop & amend effective response measures & procedures
  3. Function and become agile & adaptable
  4. Digitalized in a faster pace and efficiently

The second ability of the companies is the diligence of how to secure onboard safety and crew welfare by:

  1. Proactively preventing potential infection that may be result due to onboard visits, port state control inspections, vetting from Oil Majors or charterers and so on so forth
  2. Accommodate reactive protocols in case of infection
  3. Monitoring travel restrictions and proactive scheduling
  4. Risk management of medical and other supplies shortage onboard
  5. Operating remotely in cases of vessel delays

In this slide and the following one, we bullet point and highlight the importance of the Response Strategy Plan and Proactiveness that should be a priority for every ship manager.

We split this slide into two major categories; the first is the Managerial Concept that should rule in the ship management company and identify requirements and obstacles.

In the Managerial Concept, a ship management company should always consider the Planning for the worst.

Then monitoring governmental measures updates/amendments and coordinating such with the Risk Management and constantly update the Response Strategy Plan with great focus on proactiveness.

Now focusing on the identification of Requirements and Obstacles, there are three central pillars that we need in our checklist:

  • Measuring restrictions in various countries
  • Building a map of eligible positions for crew changes

Identification of critical voyages


Continuing to the second part of the Response Strategy Plan and Proactiveness, we have another two central pillars: proactive operations and proactive communication and welfare principles. These two categories are significant for sustaining the ship management company in unpredicted shipping scenarios.

The proactive operations should focus on:

  1. Identifying potential crew changes defaults
  2. Identifying officer matrix potential non-compliances, especially to tanker ship managers
  3. Identifying resting hours compliance and risks of non-compliance
  4. Observing eligible timeframes
  5. Evaluating regulatory implications

The proactive communication and welfare principles that should be a top priority are focused on:

  1. Collaboration of shore staff with onboard crew
  2. Support and focus on the crew that cannot repatriate
  3. Inform and update the seafarers’ families directly and indirectly through the manning agents

Developing wellbeing onboard and communicating the awareness of the ship management concerning the wellbeing focus.


After the Response Plan Strategy, we should focus on the daily Operations Management by:

  1. Identifying convenient ports
  2. Identifying weaknesses and strengths of each department of the ship management company
  3. Ensuring critical items like spares, stores and provisions and ROBs
  4. Estimating desired safety stock and cyclical replenishment
  5. Collaborating with third parties & exchanging information updates
  6. Identifying alternative options and more nationalities to streamline crew changes
  7. Measuring pragmatic adaptation & response to the operational conditions faced
  8. Scenario building for proactiveness

To attain all the strategies and policies we have placed, it is of high need to focus on our stakeholders and to the ship management policy.

We may achieve this by:

  1. Creating communication channels through collaboration tools
  2. Keep everyone in the loop
  3. Clear and consistent communication

Concerning the ship manager’s policy, the critical components to achieve this is to:

  1. Support critical operations
  2. Focus on tuning the procedures
  3. Working capital efficiency
  4. Revise and identify dangerous and contractual clauses with third parties
  5. Seek further insurance policies to cover potential and unpredicted risks
  6. Develop an emergency and cross-functional team

Summarizing the potential risks, we may identify and interpret the importance of the Response Strategy Plan and the Proactive measures needed.

The potential risk categories in these dire times are:

Operational risks, like increase of risk for a marine casualty, New Restrictions from health and immigration authorities and suspension on flights.

Quality Risks, that are basically maintenance related, expirations of vessel and crew certification, Incapability for inspections, vetting, and quality Controls.

Cost Related Risks, demurrages due to delays, , unpredicted costs versus real budgeted, where all the above are causing working capital liquidity problems.

Last but most important The Crew Related Risks, like crew fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety and mental stress that may lead to failure in crew welfare.

Adding to these, leakage of crew and risk of pool coherence due to delayed crew changes and non-well-structured and scheduled recruitments for keeping high retention rates adds a higher risk for operations.

Lastly comes the resting hours non-compliance and ILO MLC non compliance due to overdue contracts of seafarers.

To commute updates, ELVICTOR has developed a covid dashboard to its website, complimentary access granted to every visitor.

Parallel to our website blog, we communicate the latest regulatory updates, circulars, announcements, videos, and newsletters related to COVID IMPACT and COVID updates.

We have added interactive COVID-19 Updates and Tracker in order our visitors to stay up-to-date with valuable coronavirus data summarized by confirmed cases, geography, testing and treatment, projections and economic impact.

The visitor has also geo-mapping interactivity to track the coronavirus around the world and the visitor can go deeper to some information ranging from specific countries to continents information/updates.


Lastly, we have developed in-house software, various reports, and screens to monitor vaccinations, guidance for embarkation and disembarkation of all of our crew members, both onboard and offboard.

We monitor 100% the willingness of any seafarer to take a vaccine, update us on vaccine schedule, report side effects our seafarer had on his vaccination, and report to us any COVID-19 infection.

Parallel we monitor if every single seafarer received to his mobile through our HTML5 Coded links sent to each individual seafarer if:

  1. The seafarer downloaded and when the embarkation and disembarkation guidelines we provided attached to the coded link,
  2. If the seafarer was informed about crew change, restrictions and travel updates that we get live through APIs of renown databases
  3. If any seafarer reported and updated us about the vaccine willingness, status, side effects and more information that any seafarer aims to communicate to us.

We monitor every single seafarer and vessel and keep records important for all members’ public health.



As we are in the Age of Information, we believe it is imperative to share it, especially if such information proves professionally, legislatively, or in any other way beneficial.

Keep the link in your favorites while we are working on additional 20 open-source APIs to provide further live integrations and different interaction tools for the best benefit of our visitors and stakeholders of our beloved maritime industry.

We shall come up with pleasant surprises and information.

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The updates contain the following broad sections and information:
interactive global tracker

  1. sample datasets
  2. vaccine tracker
  3. doses that have been administered
  4. confirmed cases, national, internationa including regional statistics
  5. changes and improvements
  6. filters and searches
  7. new cases trends
  8. country-level metrics
  9. the impact in figures
  10. tracking covid impact across the globe
  11. how individual countries handling the spread
  12. status of the vaccine rollout globally
  13. global vaccine statistics
  14. coronavirus testing
  15. pandemic lockdown economics report
  16. fear of the unknown
  17. small businesses dispair
  18. variations per sector of the economy
  19. governments response
  20. Oxford’s: response tracker, containment health index, economic support index, government response index, stringency index,
  21. social distancing statistics
  22. travel-related

any many more. You may click here:

Covid Dashboard Tracker


We welcome you to visit the cloud ecosystem section of our website with our detailed digitalized crew procedures and operations. A Secure Cloud Platform that facilitates the Ship Manager by incorporating many of our innovations.

You may find our interfaces of Digitalized Collaboration, and following sixteen steps of recruitment boxes that you may click each one and go through the analysis of every single step and view the takeaways of each recruitment step concerning the philosophy, proactiveness, parametric customization, best practice, paperless operations, and at last the documented evidence proven. Happy reading and browsing! 

Latest Circulars

To find the lastest circulars, updates and country regulations click the image below:

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