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Crew Management

Elvictor's Disruptive Technological Advance, Infrastructure, and Innovations avail Bespoke Crew Management.


Beyond Crew Needs and Expectations

Elvictor's Crew Management service scheme is an out-of-the-box pragmatic solution in line with Elvictor's ethos towards customer-centric philosophy that allows an amalgamation of Elvictor's services to be either included or excluded.

Each scheme's approach is architected on a structured, proactive approach, aligned and morphed with the Principal's/Ship Manager's policy, infrastructure, management concept, quality orientation and strive, and budgetary requirements, qualitative, and risk-related on crew matters and Charterer's best practice compliance.


Never Offer Boxed Services

Provide proven differentiation by elevating and focusing on the Ship Manager's actual needs, providing meritocratic solutions to the services, and then morphing Elvictor's operations through disruptive technological advances to meet the budgetary, qualitative, and targets of each respected Ship Manager. The service value to be Ship Manager's proven cost-minimization and quality enhancement.


Let us guide you to a technological disruptive Crew Management and Manning Philosophy

The digitalization journey of Elvictor dates back to 2002. Elvictor succeeded in offering an ecosystem through secure and GDPR compliant intranets to both Ship Managers and Seafarers, achieving fundamental integration and interaction between them. Daily operations hassle and complexity of recruitment became unknown words to us. Transparency, proactiveness, and control are what we offer in every dimension of our recruitment process.

The technologies we use are the latest state-of-the-art cloud ecosystems.

The technologies used on our cloud solution are always open source, and some of them are:

Our software can operate on all kinds of operating systems such as Linux, windows, Android, IOS, Ubuntu. We use CSS which is responsive to all kinds of screen sizes and is compatible with the latest Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari browsers.


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Competitive Advantages

Crew mgmt


Our services for crew management and manning, as illustrated below, are not limited to a pre-determined package, nor are they boxed in an inelastic scheme. We morph the crew management and manning services package(s) based on each Ship Manager's actual needs per vessel, seeking to minimize the Ship Manager's operating expenses and provide a calculated lumpsum budget.

The crew management service is a win-win situation for Elvictor and the Ship Manager while the risk is shared to both parties, whereas in the simple crewing, the risk is upon the Ship Manager, who is the crew manager.